Academic Process

KIU offers students an opportunity to conduct their studies in a research based orientation which allows them to conduct their independent study in line with the particular degree award they are seeking from the University. The Research based programs follow the following structure:

  1. Application and Enrollment
  2. Selection of a Degree Program (Research based study is only available for Master and Doctoral level programs)
  3. Securing of an Academic Advisor
  4. Submission of Research Proposal
  5. Acceptance from Research Committee
  6. Carrying out the designated research
  7. Submission and evaluation of the final research project
  8. Revision or re-writing of the project
  9. Research Committee approval
  10. Graduation

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To provide high quality and affordable avenues of learning and instruction for the purpose enabling working professionals to engage in furthering their education without limiting their learning opportunities through conventional brick and mortar higher education classrooms and facilities.


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