How Does KIU Keep Student Records Secure?

KIU looks closely for up to date tools that help provide accountability for the degrees and awards issued from KEISIE International University. In the process of completing academic study through the University, a great amount of information is shared between the student and the representatives handling sensitive information. The Administrative Office is responsible for tracking all information that it holds on behalf of previously enrolled students as well as those which have not yet completed their programs and training through the University. The following items are kept on file in the KIU database. These items combine together to create the student profile which the University keeps permanently. On occasion, students contact the University to receive copies of documents contained within the database. It is important to know that if any of the following items from the KIU records were used for false or malicious purposes, it would create hardships for students seeking employment or other services through agencies outside of KIU. Therefore, KIU takes a proactive approach to securing and maintaining the records of all its students. The following list of items represent the things which are kept privately and secure on the KIU servers:

  • Student Identification - This includes the students name, current address, contact phone number, and email
  • Student Academic ID - This is the specific identification number which is provided by KIU showing that the student is or has been a fully registered individual with the University
  • Student Application - This is the enrollment application that is required in order for a student to be considered for acceptance to a specific degree program offered by the University
  • Student Academic Records - This includes all academic progress reports showing grades earned, reports and Thesis or Dissertation copies that have been submitted to the University, as well as any documents from panels of committees granting the approval of research projects carried out by the student
  • Student Transcript and Diploma - This includes the Official Transcript and Diploma issued directly from the KIU Administrative Office showing completion and award date along with other security markings showing. 
  • Student Fees paid - This includes the total amount of money paid by the student for tuition, fees and services which were charged by the University

All of the information above is needed to maintain accurate and authentic records of students who have taken any coursework, completed any degree programs, or received any awards from the University. If this information is not registered in the KIU database, then credentials would be considered invalid and/or fraudulent.

ATTENTION: Students are urged to contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to secure validation of all credentials. KIU is not responsible for awards and degrees issued without having the information stated above residing on the KIU Database in the USA.

NOTE: For legal reasons, Certification or Authentication of Student Records is not allowed by any agency or business outside of the USA. Students should contact the KIU Administrative Office if an agency makes any claim regarding these services.

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