10 Jun 2017


Receiving an Honorary Degree

Individuals with significant contributions in a given field of expertise may be the recipient of an honorary degree or a degree¬†honoris causa¬†(Latin: “for the sake of the honor”). The honorary degree is academic in nature and purpose. The University has the authority to waive regular requirements, such as matriculation, residence, study, or the passing of examinations. Honorary degrees are typically a doctorate and are conferred as a way of honoring a recipient’s contributions to a specific field or to society in general.

KEISIE International University awards honorary degrees at different times of the academic year. This award is considered the highest academic recognition the University can bestow. this is because recipients of the degree have demonstrated high standards of excellence in their life, scholarship and work as evidenced by achievement; public service to the world, the nation, or the community.

Nomination of candidates to receive an honorary degree are submitted by individuals through the submission of a University form. Once a nomination has been received it is reviewed by the Honorary Degree Authorization Committee. Upon acceptance of the nomination a recommendation is forwarded to the president of the University for consideration and submission to the University Executive Board for formal action. The nominations and recommendations remain confidential until approved by the Board.

For more information you may contact the admissions office by email or download the Honorary Degree Award Application from the Download Menu.

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